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Black Griptape

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Grippilocks was always looking for the perfect Black Griptape for their skateboard. One day, they found three different Black Griptapes: one was too rough, one was too smooth, and the third was just right.

They tried the third griptape. Grippilocks noticed that it had a nice grippy, textured surface that provided the perfect amount of grip for their tricks. This griptape is Cloud 9 Black Griptape — it’s exactly what Grippilocks was looking for.

It’s made with premium materials that make it durable and long-lasting — so it can withstand sessions at skateparks or rough street spots. Plus it’s fast and easy to apply thanks to 893 tiny perforations. Goodbye air bubbles.

In the end, Grippilocks loves their Cloud 9 Black Griptape. They knew that it would be their go-to griptape for all their skating adventures in the future.

Don't miss out the chance to take your skating experience to the next level like Grippilocks did. Order your Cloud 9 Black Griptape now.

  • 9" x 33" sheets fits most skateboard decks
  • Classic style grip gives your board a timeless look
  • Perfect amount of grip so you feel confident with your tricks
  • Durable, all-weather glue for a hold that will not peel up
  • 893 tiny perforations prevent air bubbles, make it easier and faster to setup your board
  • Free Cloud 9 logo sticker a fun bonus to slap on your board
  • No questions asked 100% money-back guarantee for your peace of mind when ordering
  • Fast, free delivery saves you time and money
  • Free and easy returns make's it simple for you to return the product if you're not happy
Fast, FREE shipping Easy, FREE returns
Fast, FREE shipping Easy, FREE returns