What makes Cloud 9 different than any other grip tape in the world? There's no magic about it. Just attention to detail. It's called the 4G Standard or 4Gs for short. What's that? The 4Gs is the standard specs we use for all the skateboard grip tape we design.

Check it out.


The grit is what gives you grippiness on your grip. The problem is when you ride one style or brand and switch to another — the grit is different. From grit size to the quality. Cloud 9 Grip gets made with high quality grit that's made to last. Since we use the same grit across our whole lineup — you get the same grippiness no matter which style you skate. And to get colors that are sharp and true to life — we print our graphics underneath the grit. This keeps your graphic looking nicer for longer. Plus it keeps the ink from making your grip slippery.


Glue secures the grit to the top of your grip. It also keeps the grip stuck to the top of your deck. Most suppliers buy their glue from someone else — not here. The glue we use is custom made to meet the extreme needs of skateboarding. This special glue is tough and durable. It keeps your grit locked in place so your grip lasts and stays grippy — longer. And it keeps the grip from peeling off of your deck — from a chilly 36° to a hot 90° day — it'll stick with you.


Grip art, designs, and graphics are very personal. What you like might not be what other skaters like. That's okay. It's been our mission to design graphics that inspire skateboarders all over the world. To help you express yourself, stand out and stick your tricks. With a variety of designs — like roses, palm trees, waves, galaxy, and so much more — there's a style for every skater.


If you choose to skate Cloud 9 Grip, you're supporting the underdog. We're not the biggest griptape company, but we don't let that stop us from making a this big claim. We want you to be happy with your grip. So go ahead and test a sheet of Cloud 9, skate it, and if you're not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money. No questions asked.

There it is. The Cloud 9 4G Standard. It's not magic — just attention to detail and caring about what we make. We care because we aren't just making grip for us — we're making it for you.