Why Cloud9Griptape.com?

Cloud 9 Griptape

With Cloud9Griptape.com your skateboard can now give you a new experience. How does it know? Can it read your mind? Grip it up. See where it takes you. 1 sheet of griptape, a millon differnet experiences.

If you have a skateboard, you’re going to need at least one sheet of griptape. From tie dye grip to palm trees and gold to silver, there’s a sheet of griptape for everybody.

Browse our exclusive skateboard griptape collection online, or give us a call and let our friendly team help you find the perfect sheet of grip for your new setup.

You can never have enough sheets of griptape. Think about it, when is the next time you are going to setup a board, break one for that matter, or a close friend forgot to grab a sheet. Wouldn't you want to be prepared for that? At Cloud9Griptape.com, we understand that finding the perfect style of griptape is hard. That is exactly why we work even harder to provide five-star customer service, hassle-free returns, and free shipping BOTH ways! That, combined with our exclusive selection, makes for a perfect setup.