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About Cloud 9 Griptape

How an idea grew from my car...

One morning I (Kyle Ayling) was driving to work at the Dyer Starbucks around 4 a.m. As I was thinking about the definition of happiness, like any normal person would do pre-sunrise, Katy Perryʼs “Wide Awake” started playing on the radio. The lyrics, “Yeah, Iʼm falling from cloud nine...” really struck me.

Somewhere in that moment, I realized that I needed my own definition of happiness instead of always comparing it to someone elseʼs.

Okay... I might have been extremely tired, but I knew THAT song playing at THAT moment was more than delirium: it was fate telling me it was time to pursue my dream.

From that point forward, Cloud9Griptape.com was all I could think about.

Cloud9Griptape.com is deeply rooted in skateboarding, however it is not just about skateboarding. Cloud 9, like happiness, is whatever you want it to be.  Whatever YOU love...thatʼs what Cloud 9 is about!


Who run's Cloud9Griptape.com?

Kyle Ayling and Sara K of Cloud9Griptape.com

I am, Kyle Ayling, the owner of Cloud9Griptape.com and this is my girlfriend Sara. Together we run Cloud9Griptape.com outside of us both working full time jobs. They say you do not pick your passions in life, your passions pick you. For us, that could not be more true. Skateboard grip tape is truly our passion... outside of our customers!