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How an idea grew from my car...

One morning I (Kyle Ayling) was driving to work at the Dyer Starbucks around 4 a.m. As I was thinking about the definition of happiness, like any normal person would do pre-sunrise, Katy Perryʼs “Wide Awake” started playing on the radio. The lyrics, “Yeah, Iʼm falling from cloud nine...” really struck me.

Somewhere in that moment, I realized that I needed my own definition of happiness instead of always comparing it to someone elseʼs.

Okay... I might have been extremely tired, but I knew THAT song playing at THAT moment was more than delirium: it was fate telling me it was time to pursue my dream.

From that point forward, Cloud 9 Griptape was all I could think about.

Cloud 9 Griptape is deeply rooted in skateboarding, however it is not just about skateboarding. Cloud 9, like happiness, is whatever you want it to be.  Whatever YOU love...thatʼs what Cloud 9 is about!