More grit. More glue. More graphics.

What makes Cloud 9 different than any other grip tape in the world? There's no magic about it. Just patient attention to detail. We call it our 4 G Standard or 4GS for short. What's that? The 4GS is the standard specification we use for all the skateboard grip tape we produce. Let me explain...


Grit is what gives you your grip. The problem is when you ride one style or brand of grip and switch to another style or brand... the grit is different. From the size to the quality. We use the highest quality grit we can buy. We also use the same grit size on our black grip tape, clear grip tape, and supercolorful graphic grip tape. Our graphics get printed underneath the grit making the colors pop. This also keeps the ink from messing up the grippiness of the grip. Why does this matter? So no matter which style you prefer, you get a consistent feeling every time you skate Cloud 9.


Glue holds the grit to the top of your grip tape. It also secures the grip tape to the top of your deck. Most manufacturers don't make their own glue - they buy it from someone else. We don't. Our glue is custom manufactured to meet the needs of skateboarding. The special glue keeps your grit from falling off, so your grip lasts months longer. It also keeps the grip from peeling off of your deck on a 90° summer day or a brisk 36° winter day.


Grip tape art, designs, or graphics are 100% subjective. What you like, might not be what another skater likes. But can we agree that putting drugs, booze, and naked girls on skateboard grip isn't cool anymore? This is why you'll never see that from Cloud 9. Our goal is to put out graphics that skateboarders of all ages can enjoy. Look, if your mom wouldn't buy it, we wouldn't make it.


Listen, we're not the biggest grip tape company. But we don't let that stop us from making a big claim. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your Cloud 9. So buy a sheet of grip from us, skate it, and if you're not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money. No questions asked.

Once you skate the grip, we can't get the grip off of your board and sell it to someone else. So there is no risk to you. Yes, you could buy a sheet of our grip, email us asking for a refund and rip us off. So far no one has and we trust that you won't do that either. We intend to treat you like we would like to get treated. Sorry if that sounds strange to you.

There it is. Our 4 G Standard. It's not magic. It's just attention to detail and caring about what we make. We care because we aren't just making grip for us, we're making it for you.