Adult skateboarding at Venice Beach | Cloud 9 Griptape

How to start skateboarding as an adult

Most people think skateboarding is an activity for young people. Wrong.

To become a professional, you need to begin learning your basics at an early age. Semi-wrong.

Some adults still want to fulfill the dream of learning how to skateboard. So let’s get into it.

You face some different challenges when it comes to skateboarding.

Here are five tips to consider when learning how to skateboard as an adult.

Stop second-guessing your moves

Mistakes and injuries will happen. Kids and teenagers (...and adults) learn by making mistakes. It's the best chance you have to learn and grow.

As adults, most of us are confident and comfortable in our areas of interest or line of work.

This can make learning a new skill difficult. That means you shouldn't second guess your ability to learn.

We fear making mistakes in ways we didn’t when we were younger.

Going for a trick and then getting doubtful halfway through is how you end up hurting yourself.

It should be evident – this is an important life skill, and one we often forget as we grow older.

Being confident always produces a smoother landing.

Mistakes happen. You have to roll with it or get hurt.

Pro tip: your first fall will determine if you will ever step foot on a skateboard again. The faster you get that out of the way the better.

The skate park is a young scene

Ever hang out at a skate park?

If you’re over 25 and think it seems kind of weird to do that as a newcomer, you’re right.

That said, consider this: Tony Hawk is 53 years old. Do you think people would laugh him out of a skate park?

Don’t force yourself to head to the park if you’re not comfortable. There are plenty of private skateboard lessons and indoor skate parks as alternatives.

They allow you to move past any embarrassing stages and beat this challenge.

The adult skater: your advantages

As an adult, you have some serious advantages when it comes to skateboarding.

Most young skaters face the challenge of the financial aspect of skateboarding.

Even though it’s not the most expensive hobby. You still need to think about the cost of your deck, griptape, and other parts.

Assuming you want to skate in a designated area, you may need to pay to enter an indoor skate park as well. (Some cities have legal places you can skate. Others do not and that'll depend on your location and local laws.)

The other main advantage you have: affording professional lessons.

When it comes down to it, have fun.

Skate down your driveway. Or around your neighborhood.

The force of nostalgia is strong: you’re not alone

It seems weird, right?

The 90s are back in fashion.

Ever hear of Stranger Things? Or Guardians of the Galaxy?

Shows like this are striking a nostalgic chord with adults born in the 80s and 90s.

As it turns out, skateboarding is a huge part of that nostalgia for many adults.

Think about it – you might have had a skateboard. If you didn't, you wanted one.

What reasons once held you back? Your parents? Society not approving? Economic means?

Or you thought skating was only for boys.

Well here's a fact, 80-90% of adult skateboarding class attendees are women.

What can adults expect in a skateboarding class?


Lots of padding.

Say goodbye to your impression of loose-fitting clothes and lack of safety equipment.

Safe skateboarding requires padding and helmets.

The good news: you’re not going into this alone – it’s required of every student and it’ll help you take risks.

Besides, you’re not going to feel comfortable committing to those moves unless you feel safe. And your safety gear makes that happen.

Travis Wood, a 3rd Lair Skatepark instructor, says adult skaters tend to be "more fragile". On the other side, they learn faster than kids.

Are you ready to get out there and skateboard?

Make sure you grab that old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles skateboard and take a lesson with a pro.

So that's it for our tips on how to skateboard as an adult.

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