July 16, 2016

YouTube is a big part of our everyday lives and my girlfriend is a true testament to that statement! The other day Sara tagged me in a post that Julien Solomita posted on his Instagram page detailing his new cloud tattoo. So I decided to reach out to him.

Clouds in general are very fascinating and it is even cooler when someone else finds them just as fascinating as you do. 

We emailed back and forth talking about what he thinks would be the perfect griptape for his Boosted Board. We both came to the conclusion that the Blue Die Cut Griptape would be the best for the minimal look he wanted to achieve.

Julien's YouTube Vlogs have been boasted and posted all over the internet and it is a great honor to be able to share one of his vlogs on our blog! Thank you Julien for re-gripping your Boosted Board with Cloud 9 Griptape.

Please feel free to watch the whole vlog! If you want to fast forward, go to 1 minute and 50 seconds to watch Julien transform his Boosted Board.


Video via Julien Solomita


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