October 05, 2015

Street League Skateboarding Women's Super Crown - Leticia Bufoni, Vanessa Torres, & Alana Smith

Have you ever heard that phrase from Greek mythology, "everything he touches turns to gold." They must have gotten that story confused because I am sure that took place in Brazil. Over this past weekend, 16 of the top male and female skateboarders in the world were all in the great city of Chicago. You can imagine that a lot of history was made! Thank you Rob Dyrdek for creating such a prestigious event for skateboarding.

So what happens when you put 8 of the top woman in skateboarding in a head to head battle at the UIC Pavilion... You get an arena filled with anticipation, hype and a lot of smiles! It was not only the skateboarding that was making it such a great event to watch, but more so the showcase that woman can hold their ground in skateboarding as much/if not more then some guys can. 

After all was said and done it came down to Leticia Bufoni who needed to pull off her 360 flip over the bump to bump and the only one who could have taken her out of first was Lacey Baker. Lacey was going for a noseslide nollie heelfip out on the long ledge and sadly was not able to execute it. Leticia pulled off her 360 flip which landed her as the FIRST ever Nike SB Women's Super Crown World Champ! A much deserved spot for her.

The results for the Women's Super Crown:

1. Leticia Bufoni -22.8
2. Vanessa Torres – 20.4
3. Alana Smith – 16.4
4. Lacey Baker – 14.0
5. Pamela Rosa – 13.3
6. Marisa Dal Santo – 12.3
7. Samarria Brevard – 9.7
8. Alexis Sablone – 8.9

What a great weekend of work for Leticia who earned $30,000 + a Nixon watch worth $11,000. All that is great; however what she really walks away with is a memory that will stay with her and history forever.

Pamela Rose showing off her 360 flip!

Alana Smith figuring out her run for Street League.

Leticia Bufoni Backside Crooked Grind

Rob Dyrdek wanted a selfie with Leticia Bufoni!


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