February 10, 2016

Back in Denver, Colorado a few years ago, I was skating in one of the Zumiez Best Foot Forward contests and in the middle of my second run I noticed that I had a giant rip in my pants. I consider myself a pretty optimistic person, so the fact that my jeans tore from my crotch to my knee meant that I was going to get some air flow during my second run. Did I mention that it was 105 degrees on this day?

Enough about that. The reason I am so excited about these Nike SB Pants is they have literally been made for skateboarding. 

Nike SB FTM 5-Pocket Pants - Cloud 9 Griptape


The Fit To Move pants by Nike SB are constructed of a 98% cotton + 2% spandex fabric. That 2% spandex is the perfect amount of stretch. The feel of the pants remind me of the outside fabric on a Carhartt jacket minus the thickness. I loved that about these pants. I was a bit nervous buying them due to the high cotton factor and the likely hood of them shrinking during washing. To my surprise they remained true to size even after washing. (Please follow the washing instructions.)

Durable and Mobile, you say?

Yes, I do. While skateboarding in these pants it did offer an better range of motion while pushing thus allowing me to be more mobile. Here is how they allowed that to happen...

Nike SB FTM 5-Pocket Skateboarding Pants - Cloud 9 Griptape

By simply increasing the amount fabric or adding a "*gusset" where skateboarders need it most, they have solved the issue of ripping your pants while skating. Mind blowing! Haha for real since, I have had these pants I have noticed myself being able to move more freely during my sessions. I tend to bend down really low while skating and often times would get restricted by the pants I would skate in. Not anymore, thankfully. 

*Gusset: a piece of material sewn into a garment to strengthen or enlarge a part of it.

Hidden Zip Vents! No way.

It is the little things that truly make all the difference. The zip vents that are located at the bottom of each side pocket are hidden. The pocket itself was achieved by building it into the side seam and attaching a tonal pull YKK zipper along with it. Once opened you expose an athletic mesh lining that is barely noticeable unless you are searching for it. 

Nike SB FTM 5-Pocket Skateboarding Pants - Cloud 9 Griptape

 This pocket offers breathability during your skate session. I have only skated these in the winter months so I can not comment on how well this will help during the summer sessions. My gut tells me it'll amazing! Also, keep in mind that the zipper does not get stuck while unzipping or zipping it closed.

Mini Belt Loops! Since skaters don't wear belts.

100% awesome! This feature is nothing new but is becoming more and more prevalent in skatewear. By simply adding 3 slits into the waist fabric and 6 additional smaller loops under the belt loops = a skaters dream pair of pants. For the longest time I would fight myself about wearing a belt and not wearing a belt until this feature was introduced. No reason to feel weighted down by your belt anymore.

Reflective Tape? Oh my.

As the saying goes, "it's what's inside that counts." These pants feature a hidden reflective tape that can only be shown off by cuffing your pants on the bottom. It is one of my favorite hidden features about these pants and I feel a lot of people get hyped when I tell them about this in particular. 

Nike SB FTM 5-Pocket Pants - Cloud 9 Griptape

 5 Pockets? High Five to that!

Nike SB FTM 5-Pocket Pants - Cloud 9 Griptape

 Five pockets are standard on most jeans and pants in this day and age. The pockets are around 7 inches deep so you can securely fit an iPhone 6 Plus in the front pockets. Overall they are just pockets and you know what you can do with them.


$85 USD on the Nike Site - Plus they come with free shipping if you sign up with Nike+

I own 4 out of the 5 color ways and I will say they are worth every single penny!

Nike SB FTM 5-Pocket Pants - Cloud 9 Griptape


The way I look at it, if you feel great, you look great... You are 100% going to skate great! These pants are one of the best investments I have ever made and I am thankful that Nike SB likes to think outside of the box. Snag yourself a pair while you still can. 



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