June 14, 2016

After countless conversations with friends over the years, I noticed one thing from them. They always ended with this statement, "I feel like skating..." It is something I am sure you find yourself saying very often! 

Armed with the internet, some inspiration from the Kanye West merchandise, and the iconic I Feel Like Pablo font, I set out to create a shirt that would be memorable. Skateboarders are bold in many ways and their apparel choices often reflect that. This tee should represent your love for skateboarding, along with creating a voice for you as well.

Here to showcase the back of the I Feel Like Skating Tee is none other than Daniel Winder who has been a supporter of Cloud 9 Griptape since its conception.

Daniel Winder - Cloud 9 Griptape


The shirt comes with FREE shipping and FREE stickers. We ship packages same day when possible and next day 100% of the time. 



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