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There is a lot that goes into putting a skateboard together, but one of the most important pieces to that puzzle is the grip tape that goes on top of your new skate deck.

Grip tape by definition is the sticky adhesive that goes on top of the skateboard, so that your shoes can grip the board while you are riding. (I only provided this information for people who are completely new to skateboarding!)

So let's dive into this.


How to Grip a skateboard with Tie Dye Griptape | Cloud 9 Griptape


  • Sheet of Grip Tape of yourchoosing (*cough* Cloud 9 *cough*) most grip comes in sheets of 9"x33". For this tutorial we are going to use the Cloud 9 Tie Dye Signature Print Grip
  • File to outline your grip tape once you have applied it to your board
  • Razorblade to cut the excess grip off

STEP 1: Peeling the backing paper off of you grip tape

High quality skateboard griptape | Cloud 9 Griptape

STEP 2: Align the grip tape with the top of your skateboard and then apply pressure to the grip tape in order to adhere it to the skateboard deck

Applying pressure to a new sheet of skateboard griptape | Cloud 9 Griptape

STEP 3: File the edge of the board to outline it

Filing down tie dye griptape to a skateboard | Cloud 9 Griptape

Tie Dye Griptape | Cloud 9 Griptape

STEP 4: Take your razor and cut off the excess grip tape

Cutting griptape perfectly with a razor | Cloud 9 Griptape

STEP 5: Take your excess grip tape and sand down the edges of the board to insure the grip is fully adhered to your skateboard

Ball of Griptape | Cloud 9 Griptape

Sanding the griptape to insure it is fully adhered to the deck | Cloud 9 Griptape

STEP 6: Poke the holes for your hardware

STEP 7: Set the rest of your board up

STEP 8: You are now ready to learn some new tricks!



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Timmy Cao
Timmy Cao

August 06, 2015

That is a cool skateboard setup

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