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great grip
    "easy to setup, feels and looks great. I'm a customer for life!"
    Kyle H.
      "Great design. Grear grip. Classic as always. "
      Don't let your memes be dreams
        "Nice tack to it and cuts well. Ready for some jazzy shredding. "
        It is a very durable
          "It is a very durable and warm beanie, made with comfortable fabric. Definitely would recommend to buy"
          Candace A.
          we've been here before, and we'll be here again
            "what can i say? i, personally, love this grip so much, and beyond that, being vain as heck, i get so many compliments on it that i don't see a good reason to do anything other than grip another deck with it. and you know what? i'll probably do it again after that."
            stevie m.
              "you guys are amazing!"
              ROBERT M.
              Favorite grip
                "Favorite grip out there! And (bonus) its see-through so you can still show your board color!"
                Randi T.
                Top Notch
                  "Costumer service was the best I’ve ever had. Amazing owner & company. Love this hoodie! High quality, gorgeous and comfortable. dink dink"
                  Zac S.
                    "The shipping was superfast (I live in the Netherlands), it took less than a week! And the product is super cute and works perfectly :) it's grippy af (lol) and it looks very nice. I get a lot of compliments! "
                    Senne B.
                    Grab attention
                      "It’s so far the best simple design that most will love! A lot of my friends love it and it makes me feel like I’m helping a cause."
                      Jay J.
                      Fantastic grip!
                        "Gave Cloud9 grip a try based on recommendations I saw on Instagram from riders like Sierra Prescott. I must say I was more than pleased with the quality of not only the product itself, but the high level of customer service provided. I’m a very satisfied customer. I’ll definitely order again "
                        Bill F.
                        Great buy ✨
                          "Ugh it is sooo comfortable I love it !💓"
                          Mykaella P.
                          MAKE MORE HOODIES!!
                            "This is THE most comfortable hoodie I’ve ever worn in my 28 years on this planet. Please make more colors!!! I’ll buy them all 😍"
                            Evangeline J.
                            Great hoodie
                              "This hoodie is comfy I could live in it. I love the colors and yhe fit is pretty spot on. Fice stars definitely "
                              Andrea T.
                                "The selection on the site was very minimum but still got some grip, and also love the grip that I got anyway it’s even better in person! I used to think the griptape was too good to be true so I never ordered but it’s amazing and well worth it! Thank you "
                                Simply flawless
                                  "One of my biggest struggles when it came to skateboarding was finding quality gear without completely depleting my bank account. I bought grip from here and was absolutely astounded with the price and level of craftsmanship that went into every piece of gear from cloud 9. I skate nothing but cloud 9 grip and I haven’t looked back once. My shoes don’t get destroyed from the tape, I’m looking fly with all the clothing, and I introduce people to cloud 9 every time they see my board and ask where I got the tape from. Long story short, highly recommend anyone to cloud 9, rookie or veteran!"
                                  Tyler P.
                                  Always the best and on
                                    "Always the best and on time. 🤟🏼"
                                    Adrienna Y.
                                      "The hoodie I ordered is really good quality! The customer service was fantastic as well! Will definitely order from here again in the future!! "
                                      Sara S.
                                        "I’ve yet to use it but when I do I already know it’s gonna be nice and grippy and I’ll feel like I’ll be skating literally on top of the world! "
                                        Jay J.
                                        Pretty nice gift
                                          "I got it for my girlfriend’s new skateboard. She loves it the quality of grip is amazing keep at it. "
                                          Jay J.
                                          Pre-dry fits right
                                            "Everything clothing wise is pre dried so you don’t have to worry about shrinking. Basically after washing everything it kept the same fit and I love that! "
                                            Jay J.
                                            Best clear grip you can buy
                                              "Miles ahead of the other clear griptape on the market. Simple to put it on, it makes all the stickers I have on my board pop! Best of all, its made right here in the US! Will be buying again!"
                                              Sean J.
                                              It’s pretty American
                                                "As always the grip is durable and long lasting. Not too rough but not to soft amazingness to look at while you’re skating!"
                                                Jay J.
                                                a triumph of poetics and texture
                                                  "i just started skating maybe a year ago, and previously was stuck in the ways of plain black grip. what a miserable existence that was! this was the first sheet i put on myself, and gosh did i make the right decision. now i get to take the drama and texture of these gorgeous peaks with me everywhere i go. it’s also excellently grippy, and within days i was consistently getting rock to fakies, which i’d had quite some trouble with before. coincidence? you tell me, friend - you tell me."
                                                  Stevie M.
                                                  Up In The Clouds
                                                    "Dude I love to do phat airs out here in Burque! You’re checkered Cloud9 grip has been keeping me afloat and stuck to my wood! Thanks fam! Keep doing you!"
                                                    Jared “.
                                                      "I just opened my box! I’m excited to skate one of these sheets. Gripped up nicely "
                                                      Noah S.
                                                      Perfect grip!
                                                        "Have nothing to complain about with this griptape, good price for good griptape"
                                                        Kevin P.
                                                        As good as always
                                                          "I got this one for a friend as a gift and he loves the crap out of it! Amazing job as always "
                                                          Jay J.
                                                          Honestly the Best
                                                            "I've been purchasing from Cloud9Griptape for a while now, they're griptape has the most comfortable feel and looks phenomenal. The company is making history with the Mariah Duran griptape, and I am proud to be a customer. Definitely will continue purchasing from them."
                                                            Traci T.
                                                              "Fast shipping, rad product"
                                                              Zach W.